About Us

Owner Background

As proprietor of PCP Sales and Merchandising, Stefnie has gained 30 years experience in the FMCG industry.  She commenced her career at Clover SA in 1981, and received comprehensive sales training, in addition to attending external courses.  In 1995 she joined the up-and-coming Darling Creamery as Marketing Manager.  With a limited product range and only a handful of existing clients, she managed the sales division within the company. By 1999 she managed a team of representatives and an outsourced merchandising team.  Darling Creamery has since grown to become one of the largest suppliers of milk in the Western Cape, offering a full range of dairy products.  In October 2004 she entered into an agreement with Darling Creamery to manage the company’s key account within the Spar group.  This agreement enabled her to offer the same services she has rendered to Darling Creamery for the preceding 10 years, to other companies. 


Company Background


PCP Sales and Merchandising was launched in June 2001, in response to a need within the Spar Group for a company to manage their marketing and shelf packing requirements.  Previously PCP Merchandising rendered shelf packing services only, for various companies. However, a greater demand for a sales division within the company, lead to the establishment of a new company in 2004 called PCP Sales and Merchandising.


In October 2006 PCP Sales and Merchandising obtained a contract, to do field and telemarketing for a line of Spar Eggs with phenomenal results. By January 2007 PCP Sales and Merchandising was offered the opportunity to represent Spar Western Cape as their Field Sales and Telemarketing team. 


Darling Fresh Chicken, established in 2009, approached PCP to do their sales and merchandising. In less than a year we managed to become the only supplier of Pick and Pay House Brand Chicken for the Western Cape Region as well as supplying the DFC Brand to all Western Cape Spar stores.

Since then, PCP Sales and Merchandising has assisted various suppliers with sales and merchandising services, amongst others:

  • Darling Dairies
  • Golden Yolk Eggs
  •  Darling Chicken
  • Elgin Free Range Chicken
  •  Melissa’s The Food Shop
  •  Cani Rusks
  •  Spar Freshline
  •  Namaqua Wines
  •  Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts
  •  Darling Meat Market (after providing our services, the company won a Spar Product of the Year award)